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Receive up to 3 quotes from pre-selected local George partners without home inspections in most cases within the app in an easy to compare labor and materials format.
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Saving Money Has Never Been Easier

Request bids on projects by taking a picture and describing the work within the app and receive estimates as quickly as the same day with no phone calls, emails or guessing.  Let George help you get the right person at the right price every time.

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Why George Bids Are Better

Proven Partners

Let George and our prescreened partners guide you to the experts who want to do your work at a reasonable price.

Cost Savings

Our network of providers saves overhead by working through George and they pass this savings on to you every day.

Better Formatting

We require our partners to enter their estimates in our system so that you can compare them apples to apples every time.

Licensed & Insured

Our team tracks insurance and licensing expirations to make sure that everyone bidding your work has been vetted and is current.


George is Depth

Not everyone is always a good fit.  George gives you the flexibility to easily switch cleaners, landscapers or service technicians at the click of a button.  All of the service history and notes stay in your hands with no lost momentum.  Power restored.

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Get started with a free one-hour consultation

Our passionate team is eager to discuss your specific requirements, offer a complimentary consultation, and chart a course towards a thriving, dynamic, and remarkable commercial space.

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