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We understand the diverse needs and challenges faced by businesses in today's dynamic marketplace. Our team is here to offer you a range of professional services that will support your operations, streamline processes, and drive your growth.
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With flexible monthly or hourly rates, our experts can help you improve accounting, point of sale, human resources or business systems to allow you to focus on your mission and strengths.  Less expensive than full time employees, we leverage our expertise to help you grow intelligently while improving margins and performance. 

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Business Services Expertise


George is an experienced Intuit partner that can help you clean up or establish an efficient chart of accounts, record transactions cleanly and provide monthly audits and reports that empower you to manage your business and remain in control.


George can help establish more efficient payment systems, minimize costs, speed collections and negotiate better terms on your payables.  With deliberate and proven systems we can increase your cash and help you leverage it for growth.


George can help you establish the correct payroll system for your business with optional employee tracking, job tagging or online access and then enter and manage payroll through ACH transfer with proper employee paperwork and tax compliance.


With deep local connections in tax planning, insurance and banking, George can help you form new relationships as required to meet the needs of your growing business and provide you with the solutions and rates that you deserve.


Comprehensive Business Services 

Don’t let financial accounting overwhelm you. For far less than it costs you to hire an employee to work only on your company’s accounting, you can take advantage of our highly trained and experienced accountants and bookkeepers.

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